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Stay Cool at Summer

From the latest studies, it’s been clear that temperatures inside a car parked under direct sun can raise up to 40-degrees Celsius in a matter of minutes. This means if the outside temperature is 40 degrees, heat inside a closed car’s cabin can reach 82 degrees to 86 degrees Celsius. It may burn your hands, back and derriere. So, we are giving you few tips to keep your car cool when parked and to cool it down as quickly as possible once you get back in.

  1. Leave a gap in the windows:

Leaving the windows open by about an inch each will facilitate flow of air through the cabin leading to significantly lower temperatures inside than when all the windows are closed tight.  

  1. Recirculate the air:

Start driving with the windows still a few inches down and keep the AC in Recirculation mode. That way, the AC will not have to work harder to cool the hot air it sucks in from outside but instead work on the already cooler air inside and recirculate it.

  1. Tint your car:

In UAE it’s allowed to tint your car up to 50%, which will help reduce heat intake into the car. Please make sure you are using quality UV protected tinting as lots of fakes are running in market.

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  1. Use windshield sun shade:
  2. Rather than use a cheap shield that you got for free from your service centre, invest in a specialist windscreen sun shield that uses reflective coatings to block out heat and UV rays. As well as keeping the cabin temperature relatively lower, this will also help in keeping the plastics from cracking prematurely.
  3. Use Remote Car Start:

In recent cars Remote Car Start option is available. Use it to start the car and automatically car’s AC will be turned ON (in some models). By the time you enter the car, inside hot will be reduced bit.

  1. Find a shade parking:

This is the most obvious thing to do, but most of the times, this isn’t practical in teeming cities. In case you cannot find a shaded car park, try to find a slot where you can park the car with the sun behind you. This way, you can reduce the intensity of heat that falls on steering wheel, dashboard and seats.

  1. Leave the door open for a few seconds:

If, even after taking all the aforementioned precautions, you find the car sweltering, the first thing to do is leave the door open for 15 to 20 seconds before you enter. This will let the rest of the hot air trapped in escape faster


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