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Introducing the A642S Wiper Blade, the latest innovation in windshield wiping technology. The A642S is designed for maximum performance in all weather conditions, providing a streak-free clean for your windshield. With its advanced aerodynamic design, the A642S Wiper Blade provides superior wiping action in even the heaviest rain. The A642S is also equipped with a patented SmartClip™ installation system that makes it easy to install and remove, with no tools required.

A front wiper blade is a component of a vehicle’s windshield wiper system that is specifically designed to clean and clear the windshield of rain, snow, dirt, and other debris. It is located on the front windshield and is essential for maintaining visibility while driving. The primary function of a front wiper blade is to make continuous contact with the windshield surface and remove water, snow, and debris. The wiper blade moves back and forth across the windshield in conjunction with the wiper motor, effectively wiping away moisture and improving visibility for the driver. Front wiper blades are typically made of a flexible rubber or synthetic material that is resistant to wear, UV rays, and harsh weather conditions. They are designed with a specific shape and curvature to match the contour of the windshield, ensuring proper contact and efficient wiping action. There are different types of front wiper blades available, including conventional (frame-style) blades and beam blades. Conventional blades feature a metal frame that holds the rubber blade in place, while beam blades have a sleek, frameless design that allows for improved aerodynamics and reduced ice and snow buildup. Wiper blades are subject to wear and tear over time, and their effectiveness can diminish. It is recommended to regularly inspect the wiper blades for any signs of damage, such as cracking, tearing, or uneven wear. If the wiper blades are not providing proper wiping performance or leaving streaks on the windshield, they should be replaced. It is generally recommended to replace wiper blades every six to twelve months or as soon as signs of deterioration appear. The process of replacing front wiper blades is usually straightforward and can be done by the vehicle owner. Most wiper blades are designed for easy installation and can be replaced without the need for tools. The exact replacement procedure may vary depending on the wiper blade design and the specific vehicle model. It is advisable to consult the vehicle’s owner manual or the instructions provided by the wiper blade manufacturer for specific guidance. It is important to maintain properly functioning front wiper blades to ensure clear visibility and safe driving in inclement weather conditions. If you are unsure about the type or size of wiper blades suitable for your vehicle, you can refer to the vehicle’s owner manual or consult with an automotive parts specialist for assistance in selecting the appropriate front wiper blades.

SKU : SKU : BOS-61 61 2 209 047
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suitable for BMW Models


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61 61 2 209 047


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