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How to choose a quality spare part for your car

How to choose a quality spare part for your car?

Finding the right parts is somewhat difficult if you don’t have good idea about parts. Most people look for parts when their car is in a garage for repair and the service advisor gives a list of parts to be purchased. How to find right parts at right prices, this is the deal. But it is not rocket science to understand how to choose a right one. Here, Partstore will give you a cheat sheets or mantras to find right parts for your car.

Mantra No-1; – New Parts or Used Parts?

First thing, decide if you need new parts or used parts. If your car is 8 years or older, it would be okay to choose used parts.  If you are the kind of person looking for less headache, then you can choose new parts. But there are also good used parts available in the market.

Mantra No-2: – Why don’t we chase behind Originals?

Do we need parts from the vehicle manufacturer every time? Technically speaking there is no need to go for parts from vehicle manufacturers (also called as Originals). You can easily get the same parts from the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of those parts. They are the same but branded with the OEM’s brand name instead of the vehicle manufacturer’s. They are also cheaper in price. For example, consider BOSCH.  BOSCH manufactures spark plugs and supplies them to Toyota with the parts labelled as Toyota. This is available in the market as Toyota’s original. BOSCH also sells the same spark plug with their label and their packaging. These are called as OEM parts or BOSCH spark plugs. The quality of both spark plugs is the same, but the brand name and price changes! So, it’s advisable to go with OEM as it will be cheaper than vehicle manufacturer’s one. How to know whether OEM is available for the parts you are looking for, you can use ‘Ask Our Expert’ feature in Partstore so that our parts’ doctor will be able to guide you in that.

Mantra No-3: – Okay, now we have decided either used parts or OEM parts or Originals. But how to make sure these parts will fit my car?

This is an excellent question you might have in your mind and the answer is so simple. Each car has a unique number called VIN number. Some call it as chassis number. There are tools to decode this chassis number to identify the part numbers and these part numbers will be unique. In Partstore we show the part numbers for all the products so that the users can search for parts with the part numbers. But wait, what are those tools? Unfortunately, these tools are not available to public for free but there are some sites such as parts-catalogs where they provide free catalogue searches but with limited options. But don’t worry, you can search for parts using your chassis number in the parts search area in Partstore. If you are not sure about the part number or chassis number and all, you can do natural language search in our website to find the parts with texts such as “BMW 318i brake pad”.

There is an option in Partstore to add your car in our database called, ‘Add Your Car’. If you do so, we will filter out all the parts which fits your car so that you have the visibility to choose the right parts for your car model. If none of this works out properly, place an enquiry in our website and our sales team will be more than happy to help you out with right parts.

Mantra No-4: – Warranty

Ask the retailer whether they provide warranty for the parts you are going to purchase. Some retailers don’t provide cash back warranty, but they may provide replacement warranty. That is also fine. But in most cases for aftermarket brands or low-quality brands, no one will provide guarantee/warrantee.

Mantra No-5: – Delivery

If you are purchasing parts online, consider the delivery option. Some online shops deliver the parts to the service centre for free. Partstore provides FREE delivery to our customers to either service centre or to their home or business location. Currently, we are providing free delivery to locations in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman. Other locations we are delivering the parts but there will be a very small delivery charge.

Partstore provide international delivery also. If customers are looking for export option, they can approach us, and we will help them with proper guidance

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