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An oil drain plug is a threaded bolt or plug located on the bottom of an engine oil pan or oil sump. It is used to drain the engine oil during an oil change. When the plug is removed, the old oil can flow out of the oil pan and into a collection container. During an oil change, the vehicle is typically raised using a jack or ramp to provide access to the oil pan. The drain plug is then located and unscrewed using a wrench or socket of the appropriate size. It is important to ensure that the oil collection container is placed directly underneath the drain plug to catch the oil. Once the drain plug is removed, the old oil will drain out completely. It is also common practice to replace the drain plug gasket or washer during an oil change to ensure a proper seal when the plug is tightened again. Remember to dispose of the used oil responsibly by taking it to a local recycling center or an authorized oil collection facility. Improper disposal of used oil can harm the environment.

Introducing the OIL DRAIN PLUG/31704 – the epitome of precision engineering and reliability in automotive maintenance. Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, this essential component ensures a seamless oil change process, keeping your engine in optimal condition.

Designed for a wide range of vehicles, the OIL DRAIN PLUG/31704 boasts universal compatibility, making it the go-to choice for both professional mechanics and DIY enthusiasts. The plug is manufactured using high-quality materials, guaranteeing durability and longevity that surpass industry standards. Its robust construction ensures resistance to corrosion, rust, and wear, providing a reliable seal to prevent oil leaks.

The OIL DRAIN PLUG/31704 is engineered with user convenience in mind. The hexagonal design allows for easy installation and removal using standard tools, facilitating a quick and hassle-free oil change. The plug’s precise threading ensures a tight fit, reducing the risk of leaks and maintaining the integrity of your engine’s lubrication system.

Safety is paramount when it comes to automotive maintenance, and the OIL DRAIN PLUG/31704 excels in this aspect. The plug is equipped with a secure sealing mechanism that minimizes the chances of accidental dislodgement during operation, giving you peace of mind on the road.

Whether you’re a seasoned mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, the OIL DRAIN PLUG/31704 is an indispensable tool in your automotive toolkit. Its reliability and ease of use make it the perfect choice for routine oil changes, ensuring your engine runs smoothly and efficiently.

In addition to its functional excellence, the OIL DRAIN PLUG/31704 embodies a commitment to quality craftsmanship. The product undergoes rigorous testing to meet or exceed industry standards, ensuring it stands up to the demands of modern automotive engines.

Upgrade your oil change routine with the OIL DRAIN PLUG/31704 – a testament to precision, durability, and peace of mind for every vehicle owner. Trust in its performance, and experience the difference in your engine’s efficiency and longevity.

  • SKU:FBI-07-11-9-905-428
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  • Other Names : Engine Oil Drain Plug, Lower Oil Pan Drain Plug, Screw Plug 071000
  • Replaces:07-11-9-919-123, 07-11-9-919-124, 07-11-9-919-125, 07-11-9-919-143, 11-13-7-536-578
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