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The lower control arm on the right-hand side (RHS) of a vehicle is a crucial component of the suspension system. It is responsible for connecting the front wheel hub or spindle to the vehicle’s chassis or subframe, providing support, and controlling the wheel’s movement. The lower control arm plays a vital role in maintaining proper wheel alignment, supporting the weight of the vehicle, and controlling the wheel’s vertical and horizontal movement. It helps absorb shocks and impacts from the road, enhances stability, and allows for smooth and controlled handling. The lower control arm is typically a sturdy metal arm or strut that connects the front wheel hub or spindle to the vehicle’s chassis or subframe. It may have various components such as bushings, ball joints, and mounting brackets to facilitate movement, provide flexibility, and ensure proper connection and alignment. The lower control arm may include bushings and ball joints at the attachment points. Bushings provide cushioning and flexibility while allowing the arm to pivot and move. Ball joints enable smooth rotation and movement of the control arm, allowing for suspension articulation and wheel steering. Lower control arms can experience wear and tear over time due to continuous use, exposure to road conditions, or aging of the components. Signs of worn or damaged control arms may include excessive play, noise, vibration, or compromised suspension performance. If the lower control arm on the right-hand side shows signs of wear, damage, or failure, it should be replaced to ensure proper suspension function and safety. The process of replacing the right-hand side lower control arm may vary depending on the vehicle’s make and model. In most cases, it involves removing the old control arm from the vehicle, disconnecting associated components such as ball joints or bushings, and installing a new control arm. Proper alignment and torque specifications should be followed according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. It is recommended to have lower control arms inspected regularly by a qualified technician and replaced when necessary to maintain optimal suspension performance and vehicle safety. A professional mechanic can assess the condition of the control arm, recommend the appropriate course of action based on your vehicle’s specifications, and ensure the proper functioning of your vehicle’s suspension system.

  • SKU : OE-204 330 6811
  • Brand : GENUINE
  • Condition: NEW PRODUCT
  • Fit Type : Vehicle Specific
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204 330 6811


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