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a device (as in a hydraulic system) in which a fluid is collected and especially in which it is kept under pressure as a means of storing energy. An accumulator is a component found in various systems that store and release energy, typically in the form of fluid or gas, to assist in the operation of those systems. The accumulator’s function can vary depending on the specific application, but its primary purpose is to store energy and provide a supplemental power source when needed. Accumulators store energy in the form of fluid (hydraulic accumulators) or gas (pneumatic accumulators). They can store potential energy or kinetic energy, depending on the design. The stored energy can be released to supplement the main power source during peak demands, reduce system fluctuations, or provide emergency backup power .Hydraulic accumulators store energy in a pressurized fluid. They consist of a gas chamber separated from the fluid chamber by a flexible or compressible element, such as a bladder, piston, or diaphragm. When hydraulic pressure is applied, the fluid is compressed, and energy is stored. This stored energy can be released back into the system when needed, absorbing pressure spikes or providing additional power. Pneumatic accumulators store energy in the form of compressed gas, typically nitrogen. They consist of a gas chamber separated from the system by a piston or diaphragm. When the system pressure exceeds a certain level, the gas is compressed, storing energy. The stored energy can be released back into the system to provide a boost during high-demand periods or act as a backup power source. Accumulators are used in various applications, including hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, braking systems, energy storage systems, and more. They can be found in industries such as automotive, aerospace, industrial machinery, and renewable energy. Accumulators offer several benefits. They can smooth out system fluctuations, reduce energy consumption, provide emergency backup power, absorb shocks or pressure spikes, and enhance system response time. They also allow for the recovery and reuse of energy that would otherwise be wasted. Accumulators may require periodic inspection, maintenance, and pressure testing to ensure proper function and safety. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and consult a qualified technician for specific maintenance requirements. It’s worth noting that the design and functionality of accumulators can vary depending on the specific application and system requirements. Therefore, it’s essential to consult the system’s documentation or seek expert advice for detailed information on the particular accumulator used in your application.

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Product Identifiers
Brand :Bosch
Manufacturer Part Number : 000 430 2694 , 026 520 2070


Part Number

000 430 2694




Mercedes-Benz Brake Hydro Accumulator.


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