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A radiator fan is an essential component of a vehicle’s cooling system. Its primary function is to help dissipate heat generated by the engine and maintain the optimal operating temperature. The radiator fan pulls air through the radiator to cool the coolant that circulates through the engine. This prevents the engine from overheating, which can cause severe damage. These fans are typically driven by the engine via a fan belt. They are directly attached to the engine’s crankshaft and rotate at a speed proportional to the engine speed. Mechanical fans are usually found in older vehicles or heavy-duty applications. Electric radiator fans are powered by an electric motor and are controlled by a temperature sensor or the vehicle’s engine control unit (ECU). Electric fans are more commonly used in modern vehicles because they offer greater control over the cooling system. They can be turned on and off as needed, depending on the engine temperature, providing better cooling efficiency. These fans are mounted in front of the radiator and push air through it. They are typically used as auxiliary fans in vehicles with limited space between the engine and radiator. These fans are mounted behind the radiator and pull air through it. They are the most common type of electric radiator fans and are found in many vehicles as the primary cooling fans. If a radiator fan malfunctions or fails to operate correctly, it can result in engine overheating, reduced performance, and potential damage. Common issues with radiator fans include motor failure, worn-out bearings, electrical problems, or issues with the temperature sensor or control system. If you suspect a problem with your radiator fan, it is recommended to have it inspected and repaired by a qualified mechanic to ensure proper cooling system functionality.

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  • Other Names : Fan Assembly, Electronic Fan
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8K0 959 455 F/Q


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