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Height level sensors, also known as ride height sensors or suspension position sensors, are sensors used in automotive vehicles to measure the vertical position or height of the vehicle’s suspension system. They are typically found in vehicles equipped with adjustable or adaptive suspension systems. The primary function of height level sensors is to provide feedback on the vertical position of the vehicle’s suspension. They detect changes in the distance between the suspension components and the chassis to determine the ride height or suspension position. Height level sensors are essential components of electronically controlled suspension systems. They provide input to the vehicle’s suspension control module or electronic control unit (ECU), allowing the system to adjust and maintain the desired ride height or adapt to changing road conditions. Height level sensors play a critical role in adaptive suspension systems, which adjust the suspension characteristics in real-time based on driving conditions, vehicle speed, and road conditions. By continuously monitoring and adjusting the ride height, these systems can optimize handling, comfort, and stability. Height level sensors are also used in diagnostic and warning systems. If a sensor detects a significant deviation from the expected ride height, it may trigger a warning message on the instrument cluster, indicating a potential suspension issue that requires attention. Proper functioning of height level sensors is crucial for the optimal performance and safety of vehicles equipped with adjustable suspension systems. If you suspect a problem with the height level sensor or the suspension system, it is recommended to have the vehicle diagnosed and repaired by a qualified technician or authorized service center. They can perform diagnostic tests, inspect the sensors, and address any issues to ensure the proper operation of the suspension system.

  • SKU:FBI-37-14-6-784-696
  • Positions :Left Front, Right, Left Rear, Right Front, Right Rear
  • Other Names: Front Sensor, Height Sensor, Front Height Sensor, Rear Height Sensor, Level Sensor 371040
  • Replaces:37-14-0-141-444, 37-14-1-093-697, 37-14-1-093-699, 37-14-6-778-811
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37 14 6 784 696


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